on TBIGTBIG (the bigger it gets the bigger it gets)

process image of various “formed” objects in the series I’m calling the bigger it gets the bigger it gets. On the table are cast bronze, copper plated brass, sheet copper, river stones and found hammered metal. The name of the series references the electroplating process in which conductive material submerged in an acid bath attracts copper to its surface. The greater the concentration of copper on the surface, the more copper it will attract. This process leads to sometimes exponential development of nodes and extensions that were never present in the original object. I’m using the plating process in some cases below as a way to connect separate pieces of metal. As the copper builds on the surface, it begins to thicken, overlap and fuse sheets and rods that were once loosely attached and pierced into a single unified form.
I describe this process here because I think it could be analogous to affective and social dimensions of life and I’m interested in the way the material might be a way to describe or talk about forces at play across lived experience.

2017-12-30 10.01.54.jpg
Excerpt from  Metal Techniques for Craftsman  by Oppi Untracht

Excerpt from Metal Techniques for Craftsman by Oppi Untracht

on daphne

I press a wooden tool into the clay to make a vaguely laurel relief. I pour plaster into this one-off clay mold and it cures into a very thin disc. Every Daphne comes out whole. Small accidents around the studio cause the thin plaster discs to break - I’ve been interested in letting that happen and then mending the pieces in a way that is plain and unsystematic.

2018-03-21 13.27.03.jpg
daphne mend 2.jpg
daphne on panel .jpg
daphne mend.jpg

on portraits

Wooden objects with a river stone make portrait number 9. This is one of many objects in a series I’ve been referring to as portraits. I started the series in 2011 and have kept many of the pieces to myself because at times they are frustrating in the way that they seem to refuse naming. But, more and more I am thinking its important to allow them to remain frustrating and am working on experiments that situate them in spaces outside of my studio.

portrait number 9 process shot.jpg
portrait mash.jpg

above a more recent portrait in process. I’m making a wall mounted shelf to hold the box and am thinking about it being possible to open and handle the object.

one more portrait below on a sculpture of a chair.

portrait with chair.jpg
portrait with chair 2.jpg